Improve your house,
preserve your home.

Prêt-à-Loger proudly presents a solution for 1.4 million energy consuming Dutch row houses from around 1960. By putting a Skin over the house, it becomes energy neutral and more space is added, while the quality of a home remains untouched.

The architectural story starts in the Dutch town Honselersdijk. More specifically in the street Stompersdijk: the home where Dennis grew up, and his parents before him. A house that provided three generations a warm home.

If we revisit Dennis’s house nowadays, we would consider it to be a clearly outdated post-war dwelling. It lacks space, comfort and consumes around 175 euro of energy each month. Shouldn’t we just demolish this house?

Prêt-à-Loger believes we should not, as despite its faults, this home contains valuable memories which should be preserved. We believe that in the end it is all about finding a balance between what should ben improved and what should be preserved: improving your house, preserving your home. Improving the climate and spatial performance of the house, while preserving the properties that make these houses into homes.

Our solution: The Skin

The skin is an extra layer put over the house, which improves both the spatial and the climate performance of the existing house, without touching the quality of a home. The Skin was inspired by the food greenhouses, typical of the area.

However this is not just about one specific house: in the Netherlands roughly 1.4 million dwellings are this post-war row house typology (SenterNovem,2007b). Not to mention many more in the UK and Germany. Dwellings that share the same outdated climate and spatial conditions as Dennis’s home. It is in this existing building stock that lies the biggest sustainability challenge for Holland.

Therefore this is not just our story, but possible your story as well.

similar houses in the Netherlands
% more garden use yearly
kWp installed solarpower
kWh electricity produced since 2014

“Let’s face it, if we really want to make a difference...

then the best place to start is in our very own home.”



  • “Op een innovatieve manier is zichtbaar gemaakt hoe een rijtjeshuis energieneutraal kan worden, waarbij de leefkwaliteit centraal staat.”

    Hester Hellinga

  • “De studenten van de TU Delft geven ons inzicht in de mogelijkheden en ontwikkelingen op het gebied van duurzaam wonen. Deze informatie gebruiken wij voor onze inventarisatiefase en helpt ons om een visie te ontwikkelen op het gebied van duurzaam wonen.”

    Robert de Ruiter

    Directeur Univé Regio+
  • “TBI wil met duurzame innovatie en ketensamenwerking het positieve verschil maken. Het renovatieconcept Prêt-à-Loger, oftewel “klaar om te bewonen”, sluit naadloos aan bij deze ambitie.”

    Patrick van Bladel

    TBI WOONlab


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